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Default Re: Hey can I please be banned??

I had gone through something similar in the past (funnily through FFR as well). I don't think banning yourself is the solution that would be most beneficial for you to resolve this issue. All that will do is serve you a band-aid solution to the bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

Instead, I would advise disconnecting yourself for a little bit to learn and self-reflect more about yourself while you let your emotions recover. It's pretty cliche but you need to give yourself enough time to process through your feelings.

Try not to make any rash decisions right now because emotions often cause us to think irrationally and make decisions we often times regret. Don't contact this person any longer and focus on your well being. Instead, reach out to your friends and vent if you need to, because when we get this anxiety out of our system, we begin making progress towards feeling better and becoming the better version of ourselves.

If you keep this up long enough where you actively focus on yourself, in time, you will view this situation differently. In hindsight, you'd be thankful that no rash decisions were made and you will grow to become a more emotionally resilient person. You are already doing a great job at taking the first steps to vocalize your concerns. Feel free let me know if you ever need a listening ear. I'm happy to help out.

Hope you feel better.
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