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Default Re: Hey can I please be banned??

Originally Posted by Dynam0 View Post
You're better than this dude! Take some time away from this platform and any others to give your mind some time to re-balance itself. There will come a day when the pain of these memories will be at first bearable and then distant to the point where you can reflect on them constructively for yourself, and maybe even further on you can use those reflections to help others who are in the same predicament!

This thread is evidence that you know what is going on is toxic and your heart is in the right place though. Good on you.
I really couldnt be more confused with myself, I made such great progress and its like I'm reliving the same episodes all over again... I hate being in this body that does these blatantly obvious toxic things - come tomorrow I'll prob feel as though nothing happened and then see this thread I made lmao

I just keep trying not to let go of some thing psychologically that's already been lost now for a while but I fall down that emotional ocd hole so easily :v

Edit: I just don't wanna be wrong for trying to keep a dead friendship alive when I'm just making thing's worse x_x it's like a nasty feedback loop between the mind and my emotions...

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