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Default Re: Hey can I please be banned??

Originally Posted by V-Ormix View Post
Long story short, there is a user that I can't resist sending private messages to and have this insane delusion that they'd invite me to be their friend again after I basically hurt there feelings I'm assuming pretty bad.

I have no self control and need to be banned so I cannot bother this user anymore on this account and hopefully this account will serve as a reminder when and were punishment is due.

This is kinda my last step before I honestly throw my laptop in a dumpster... so I'm hoping this works
From experience I can say that even if you get banned there is still the possibility that you'll make a new account and attempt to contact said person. I'm unaware of your relationship with this person so I could be entirely wrong and you'd have no problem.

The solution I've gone with that has worked for me well is not accessing the sites/platforms that you can contact them on. Use a content blocker and make all the sites impossible to access even if you tried. Delete applications if you can. Try to distract yourself from messaging this person as much as possible. I hope this helps as I cannot ban you myself.

Good luck!
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