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Default Re: request: EXTREMELY EASY songs batch (difficulty 1 songs and lower)

Four level 0s in the mp lobby

3 - Not enough songs played to generate a ranking
1 - Has a top equiv of almost 9

i assume you mean "mash" in the sense of "hitting every note as fast as possible", but in this situation i meant, "he did not know what button to hit, and hit them all continuously, without trying to find the correct note".
If they can't see an up arrow moving up the screen and press the button for 'up' and instead literally just hit every button, that's not the song being too hard, that's them needing to learn which button is the up button. This does not indicate, to me, the song being too hard at all.

Most of those songs across their whole length are 2-3 notes per second,

i just wonder if there is an easier way to introduce people...
More songs that are so slow that you can lose the thread of the rhythm isn't the answer. Even the easiest songs on a Rock Band or a Guitar Hero are harder than our very low dificulty songs, and those had huge mass appeal among people who've never played a rhythm game before.

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