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Default Re: request: EXTREMELY EASY songs batch (difficulty 1 songs and lower)

A few thoughts on the subject of easy songs / low-skill players, since I probably have the worst ratio of "age of account" to "skill level" out of anybody :P

the amount of players who do not even have an AAA on a difficulty 1 file is... half of them!
Most of the level 0s you see in chat have simply never gone and updated their level. I used to go into mp and see who was a zero and manually update their stats for them, and over half were actually somewhere in the 10-30 range but had never updated.

Of the ones who are actually 0s, most of THOSE have just not played enough songs to actually establish a skill level, but they have a top AAA equivalency of >1 even if it's only in the 2-5 range. The overall conclusion is "Barely anybody you're seeing displayed as a level 0 is actually a level 0 in terms of their stats or their actual skill.

even difficulty 2 (!!) songs are very difficult for them, and they have to mash and miss notes to finish those songs
'Mashing' is a term for hitting many buttons quickly in an attempt to hit a pattern that is too fast for you to read/follow. There is nothing in any of the songs at that level that could even conceivably require mashing. Are you just observing them not hitting the notes? Accidentally hitting the wrong button? Frequently the problem is that the very low difficulty songs are TOO easy, and the extremely large distance between the notes causes people who don't have a strong internal sense of rhythm to lose the beat, and then be surprised by the appearance of the next arrow. In many cases people who can't play 2s can actually play 5s because they start having enough note density that you can use seeing and hitting the notes to keep beat.

Missing an arrow or two when you are BRAND NEW is fine and common, you haven't internalized where your fingers are, and you spend time going back and forth between the screen and your hands and mess up. You get over that quickly with a bit more play.

another idea i had was a "notes per second" or "notes per bar" cap that auto-stripped out superfluous notes
I'm not in favour of any mode that modifies people's charts in this way.

but i can barely "single digit perfect" a 3 now
You're in D2, your best score is better than my best score. I don't know what you're trying to claim here?

In all the years I've played this game I've never seen any new player struggle with difficulty 1-3. I'd argue that a lack of familiarity with game settings holds back most new players.
Yeah this is mostly my position too. I've found that 1-3 are TOO easy with TOO FEW notes and those cause more struggle than any idea that the songs are too hard.

Though this is also to say, if for whatever reason "a bunch more super easy songs" are actually wanted, and somebody did the work of sending me a bunch of mp3s we had permission to use, I could put a bunch of solid very low difficulty charts together, and would.

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