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Default Re: request: EXTREMELY EASY songs batch (difficulty 1 songs and lower)

@MikeShinoda: the reason for playing hard songs makes sense. though, i do think there should be lots of easy ones... or a "mod" that "makes" songs easy (...?)... the rate feature is arguably this, but i don't think anybody wants to play demonically slowed down songs that take 8 minutes to finish haha

another idea i had was a "notes per second" or "notes per bar" cap that auto-stripped out superfluous notes... 64th/32nd notes + one arrow of 16th "jumps" + 8th "hands" + 4th "quads" on one tier, then 16th notes, 8th "jumps" and so on, until you got below a consistent rate... this might make awkward patterns, but if it is for making very easy songs for newbies, it might be okay

@XelNya: that makes sense. it is a shame if songs arent being accepted for selfish reasons... recently i enjoyed playing the game a lot more with friends on a "casual" basis, and a lot of that is picking songs that are fun to listen to and playing them, while enjoying that my friend was playing them too. if i play a few very easy songs with friends it is kind of like "drinking a beer on a warm moonlight night". if you are REALLY GOOD at the game, probably there is a lot of songs you can play in this way, but i can barely "single digit perfect" a 3 now... heehee...

@Rapta: hooray!!! i remember your "goat" posts very fondly from when i was first here, by the way. i'm glad that i got to keep it in my signature...

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