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Default Re: request: EXTREMELY EASY songs batch (difficulty 1 songs and lower)

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the website is going really well recently. i have been so excited by the tournament that i wanted to get my friends into the game by playing multiplayer with them. however, a lot of them have never played the game before, and even difficulty 2 (!!) songs are very difficult for them, and they have to mash and miss notes to finish those songs... difficulty 1 songs are very fun for both of us, and i enjoy watching my friends play them and getting better... however, theres only like four of these in the ENTIRE GAME, and one of them has to be unlocked. despite the great gains made towards the extremely skilled players, there is not many "extreme easy" songs. this is a shame, as i think a large variety of extremely easy songs would be a great way to ease people into the game, without it becoming boring. the batch would (probably???) be much easier too, and you would be able to get a lot of these sorts of files very quickly

ok, that was my wall of text. never forget the little guy!!! s1rnight out!!!

- s1rnight
I don't think I agree the site's going well lately, and to be honest I found the tourney a tad dull after the first two rounds of files. The highest round files are amusing though at the very least.

There's only five* of them in the game because either: 1. it will never make it through batch 2. no one makes them because very little people will play them because they're only focused on playing within their skillset instead of playing the game.

You can literally send arguably strong files and still get a 4 because some judges don't like the song. The batch system is fucking terrible the easier the file you make in my experience personally. (And I'm not the best file maker - I know that.)

I agree expanding the lower range of files is great, but difficulty in even the 1 - 5 range is inconstant, and requires playing them all to figure that out.

The only reason Excite Bike is a 3 instead of higher is the length, even though it's on a technical basis harder than every file till about difficulty 6 - 8 I'd say is fair.

Excite Bike is more on a compared level with Pita than any other file in that range in terms of actual difficulty if it was any longer than it is. It's essentially a noob-trap.

I wouldn't say we need just difficulty 1 songs, I'd argue the spectrum of 1 - 10 could be expanded on, is I guess where I'm going with this. Any new player should be able to play that range from the get-go and pass without trying super hard.

And I know this as someone who has taught them-self multiple play-styles. I can play upscroll, downscroll, index, and spread (mix these up even) in that range fairly competently. A new player after just running through that list about twice would be at level where mashing is less consistent than just taking the miss.

Got a little ramble filled. My bad.

tldr: yes we need more files, but widen the range and the other suggestion of difficulties is a bit silly. The current one is fine, it just needs to be explained better.
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you're on thin ice there bud
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