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Default Re: request: EXTREMELY EASY songs batch (difficulty 1 songs and lower)

another thought, (apologies for the triple posts, i just like to organise thoughts this way), is the "list of songs" for new people is very daunting. it scares even me! lol. now that we have a "skill rating" that is roughly numerically contiguous to the level difficulties, it would be very nice if there was:

!) a default pane that showed the user songs that were "within their reach", and maybe gave them a cool xenoblade-like colour scheme. sort of like... this!

insert 2: a difficulty system from a completely different game.

a lot of the "colours" in ffr's current employ are already dedicated to whether somebody got a "single digit greats", or "full combo", or "booflag", etc... but to a new player, none of this matters too much... really, to even experienced players, this doesnt matter too much... whether the song is "an intolerable strain on them", "just within reach", "good fun to play", "good fun to perfect", "too easy" is probably more important than what score they have. with this system a user would DEFINITELY have a strong idea of this. if a song was too hard, it would be clear to the user. in fact, there are probably lots of users for whom even free space is very difficult, and you'd have a good idea of how easy you should be making your songs too... perhaps even negative difficulties (laugh) but i'm thinking too much!!! i will log off now, take care everybody. i hope the last round of the tournament is a lot of fun!

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