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Default Re: Difficulty Changes (Changelog)

Elusive Reaches by Ensiferum is a fitting name with a non-fitting difficulty.


A) Not like this is taken into consideration much at all, however It's a 657 notes per minute song with no let up whatsoever.
B)The jump patterns in the song are fast and hard to read. Jumpjacks that are edging on Jumpgluts.
This first two things are only in the first minute of the song mind you.
C) The "Cooldown" isn't really even a cool down it drops from 12 nps to 8 for not very long. Which leads me to my next thing.
D) The streams in the back half are messy and all over the place with jumps thrown in to make the player miss. These are roughly 13 nps.
E) At the peak of the song it's nearing towards 24 nps (probably near the streams cuz those are ungodly).
F) This may not be that important or pressing, but, in the last 34.5 months of this song's release, only 35 have AAA'd it. Whereas all the other songs rated the same difficulty are anywhere form 80-250 AAAs.
G) Going back to the Notes per second thing, it ranges from 12-24 according to the chart with a peak of 745 in a minute.
H) This chart is very clear evidence that hands not only make the song's rating go down, but make it way more difficult as a consequence.
With all these things in mind and in consideration, I think this song should go up to at least a 72. Everything about this chart is a mess, the range of notespeed never really let's up. And finally, there have only been 34 people who've AAA'd the song with an addition 55 who've FC'd the song. These don't really sound like the stats of a song that's just slightly harder than average on the new 120 difficulty scale. It's sounds a bit harder. With it's jumps and streams why not put it in with the 72s or 73s. It fits better there since the 70s seem to mostly focus on Jumpstreams anyways.
These are my thoughts on the chart. Hope it can be taken into serious consideration.


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