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Default Re: TWG 187: Senpai [Game Thread]

Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post
because there's not a visible wolfkill n1; only raeko died and the way that antori was outed means that there's /probably/ no chance that both the wolves and the sk targeted her since only antori had his role revealed

because there wasn't a stack on raeko, that means that the wolves tried to kill someone else, because they definitely didn't try to kill no one

yoshl medic saving me makes a lot of sense; even though I did just lynch the lost-wolf and probably wouldn't get too much town-cred; I still lynched a wolf and I'm not the worst player in the thread

it just kinda makes sense

I also know that yoshl did in fact somehow get info on me because he told me about the level system before I outed it iirc and I just kinda believe his claim

there's also no alternative worlds atm that have been proposed
How do you know there's two wolves and one sk? I'm guessing you're posting this from the mind state where you didn't know there was a lost wolf
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