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Default Upper body tips for lower body enthusiasts

I've been given a lot of advice in upper body strenghth, but it has never applied to my way of workouts too much. I'm just wondering if theres people that have a similar workout regime.

I'm trying to build some more upper body strength. I havent been able to swim much since covid broke, and I'm just left with skateboarding. It would be great if it had any effect on the upper body, but it trains your legs and abdomen for the most. I really want to get into something fun that also trains the upper body.

I would love to stay healthy and train the upper body but I feel it's senseless if you think the process is tedious. If you're not enjoying it you're just doing it for aesthetics. I would love to do something that's athletic and enjoyable to train.

Basically, all I'm wondering is if any of you practice a sport that trains your upper body a lot without it being lifting weights in a gym. I wan't to be more healthy and improve my body, but I just can't hold out on doing weights and pullups since it really bores me to tears.

bouldering used to give me a lot of pleasure but it's not as easy to find a place to do so in the Netherlands.
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