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Default FFR Hacked again... Yes again... 2019

Since the community was never notified in the last one, I'm starting another thread to do it myself.
Source: <redacted, bad link>
Source 2:

Flash Flash Revolution (2019 breach) - 1,858,124 breached accounts
Posted:Sun, 21 Jul 2019 20:31:54 Z
In July 2019, the music-based rhythm game Flash Flash Revolution suffered a data breach. The 2019 breach imapcted almost 1.9 million members and is in addition to the 2016 data breach of the same service. Email and IP addesses, usernames, dates of birth and salted MD5 hashes were all exposed in the breach. The data was provided with support from
Change your passwords, secure your accounts. Hopefully the admins will do the right thing this time, although I doubt it since they didn't even bother to tell people last time.

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