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Default Re: Petition to rename Chit Chat to Chitter Chatter

Originally Posted by floatiestring View Post
Let xn be the sum of all complex roots to the polynomial equation x^n = 1. Then, let a be the arithmetic mean of all xn for integer n.

I give this petition a resounding +a.
When n = 0, we have infinitely many solutions to x^n = 1, so how you define x_0 in this case (if you do it as an infinite sum, in what order are the summands?)

Also, when you say "let a be the arithmetic mean of all x_n for integer n" it seems like you're taking the mean of an infinite set. How are you defining this exactly?

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(^)> peck peck says the heels
Originally Posted by Xx{Midnight}xX
And god made ben, and realized he was doomed to miss. And said it was good.
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awww :< crushing my dreams; was looking foward to you attempting to shoot yourself point blank and missing

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