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Default Re: Tokens/Prize Distribution Guide

Originally Posted by TC_Halogen View Post
Coactive [Over My Shoulder Mix] was the second official support token, released on February 4th, 2009. After the artist support system was scrapped, Coactive [Over My Shoulder Mix] was given an unlock requirement of 50 unique AAAs on easy difficulty files or higher (5 or higher on 20 point scale; 12 or higher on 99 point scale).
Is it still part of the requirement that this must be completed within a single 24 hour server-time day? I saw the wording here did not include that part, but do not want to get my hopes up for no reason.

Also the token info page simply says 5 or higher. Seems like this could be confusing, and ultimately a let down at the end of a day, since the 99 point scale is the default as well as being preferred by most people whose preference I am aware of.

Originally Posted by psychoangel691 View Post
No matter what tournament you play it's likely you're going to come across something you don't like or are very bad at. If you want to get into the competitive side of FFR you need to learn how to deal with and overcome these songs/charts.
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