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Default Tokens/Prize Distribution Guide

The slight confusion from a few users in my MP tournament has actually given me the idea to create a guide for token prizes. Such a guide exists, but it is hidden within the confines of the Events Discussion subforum, which only a select few people can view. Those of you that were somewhat confused -- I really appreciate you all coming clean and admitting that you weren't sure, because now I can prevent people from being unaware in the future.

The information has been very slightly modified to be appropriate for players, and not my Event Staff that occasionally has the opportunity to choose Event tokens for site-wide events.

Tournament Specific Tokens
Fractured Sunshine: Fractured Sunshine now supercedes FREEDOM DiVE as a top 16 tournament token. In the 6th Official Tournament, FREEDOM DiVE was handed out to those who achieved 12th place or better in any given division with intentions to be tournament specific. However, the token was handed out more frequently prior to the 7th Official Tournament.

Unconnected.: Unconnected is awarded to anyone that completes an Official Tournament while being involuntarily placed into Division 7. A regular tournament placement is involuntary to any given user -- that is, they cannot choose what division they belong in; only tournament staff can decide their appropriate divisional level. Giving this token to those involuntarily placed in Division 7 prevents players considerably below the standard of this division from gaining access to the token.

These tokens will not be given outside of the official tournament. The purpose of these tokens is to award the achievement of competitive milestones.

Multi-Purpose Tokens
Vertex BETA Vrofl: Released as the first song of the week in April of 2007, it coincidentally landed on April 1st, 2007, and was intended on being a joke release for a second version of Vertex BETA, a more index-friendly/enjoyable near-FMO file that people to this day still struggle with.

Vertex BETA Vrofl will be rarely handed out. Vertex BETA Vrofl is the only listed multi-purpose token, and continues to remain somewhat elusive. Most of the requirements for achieving it are relatively difficult, like breaking one billion points in a day, fifty billion points overall, or top 8 in a FFR Official Tournament. Despite the quality of the file, this token cannot be handed out frequently -- it should require a large amount of effort to obtain.

Event Tokens
FREEDOM DiVE: Initially intended as a top ten prize for a gamewhoring contest during a joint FFR/ThirdStyle event, FREEDOM DiVE was complained to be far too exclusive for enjoyment by hi19hi19, who is the simfile author of the song. It was later used in the 6th Official Tournament as a top 16 tournament token to alleviate this exclusivity, and later became used as a regular event token during nois-or-e's 7th Official Tournament.

The Wisest Were Wrong: The Wisest Were Wrong was part of a 3-song release on April Fools day in 2012, and was one of two songs with scripted modifier changes. These timed modifier changes contained within the level's ActionScript caused many different things to happen like spinning receptors, fading arrows, noteskin changes, and many other visually distracting effects. It was used as an event token for the 7th Official Tournament, and continues to be used as one.

These tokens are given out during some of the more important/intensive events. A good rule of thumb: if an event is a repeated event that attracts a large amount of attention by the community (Xth Official Tournament, Xth Gamewhoring Contest, etc), it'll usually have at least one event token for a prize.

Support Tokens
Dendrite v2: Dendrite v2 was the first official support token, released on August 20th, 2008. After the artist support system was scrapped, Dendrite v2 was given an unlock requirement of 500 million points in a single day. If the intentions are to release specific support tokens for events, this one will typically be given to the toughest requirement, as it is arguably the most difficult/time consuming to unlock.

Tell v3: Tell v3 was the last official support token, released on February 10th, 2009. After the artist support system was scrapped, Tell v3 was given an unlock requirement of ten identical 1,000,000+ point scores in a row, within a day.

Coactive [Over My Shoulder Mix]: Coactive [Over My Shoulder Mix] was the second official support token, released on February 4th, 2009. After the artist support system was scrapped, Coactive [Over My Shoulder Mix] was given an unlock requirement of 50 unique AAAs on easy difficulty files or higher (5 or higher on 20 point scale; 12 or higher on 99 point scale) in under 24 hours.

These tokens are considerably easier to come by, and can be achieved by anyone with a little bit of effort. These will be the go to tokens for smaller events. However, these tokens will rarely be released faster than one at a time for any events. If an event is a bit more lengthy/strenous/effort-driven, then multiple tokens will be distributed.

Any questions about this can be posted in the thread at any time, as it is stickied.

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