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Default Re: Rejected Tournament Scores Thread

I shouldnt have pushed it with this one rip.

Hi (:
There might be some secret stuff
like this throughout!

P.S. If you do find any secrets preferably dm on discord or pm so it doesn't spoil for everyone else

What, its a picture? Psh. Wrong button sorry.

Dangit sorry i dropped it somewheres here.
Help me find it!

No it's really not d:

Or is it?
This ain't it!

This could be it!

Nope ):
Cmon that would be way too obvious.

Although screenshot me for 1K credits (:
Extremely Cold

Just kidding lol
So quiet....
Oh no! You got some bad luck!

But this is the right one.
Just kidding you got pranked!
Hah i'm so funny, 7x2 is 14!

Click here to win!
But first we must go to the Abyss


The light is diminishing!

Almost there..

Too far! Just kidding...again.

So at last, the edge of the world. Too bad its not here.
I'm the underdog so place your bets.

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