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Default Re: March 2021: 31 days game review challenge

March 30th

Today's challenge is: Cereal Box Game.

This theme was suggested by xXOpkillerXx.

I'm a little disappointed today. I really wished to have my entire grid free of PC exclusives, but Oppiie really threw a wrench into those plans. While doing research on it, I was counting on Japan to have some sort of Famicom cereal box release, but no dice, since apparently that's a Western thing. That's too bad, because I would have taken any weird mahjong/pachinko garbage over a PC game (you know, the kind that littered those illegal multicarts in the late 80s and early 90s). Then, upon learning how Europe was also into cereal box bonus games, I hoped that they at least had some micro computer game, since that would be a bit more interesting to talk about. But that didn't happen either. There were some DOS games early on, so at this point I'll just throw the white flag and talk about a DOS game you can actually say a bunch of things about.

I don't actually hate computers or PC gaming, far from it. I think they're the most powerful machines to play on, and with certain genres, like FPS and RTS games, they're by far the go to platform, and I'm 100% ok with that. If you're into modding or fanmade stuff, they're also the first choice, and they come with insane multiplayer, multitasking and broadcasting convenience. Really, PCs are great. But my personal love for pc gaming has long since died. It died on the day I became a video game collector, where my focus has shifted primarily to beautiful plastic and dedicated systems, which became a necessary part of the experience to me. I know a tiny bit of PC games do get physical releases nowadays, but it's a dead art in my mind. I can respect a collection featuring many individual builds from a variety of eras, since in my mind it works like having a collection of micro computers (one of these days, ZX Spectrum, one of these days), but I can't buy and store everything. And since this challenge is also a very personal thing to me, well... That's why I was so adamant not to include PC games. Oh well.

Anyway, I'll talk about Chex Quest. I know, I know, very predictable, but there's a very good reason why I picked this one. Not because it's the best one, I haven't even played it, I've only watched part of a speedrun of it after seeing the AVGN's episode on the game. Also not because it's the one cereal box game that's still being played by a significant amount of people to this day. I picked it because LimitedRun Games rereleased a massive collector's edition of the game for 150 fucking dollars, and it's the most amazing thing ever. If this was a console port with the same amount of goodies, it would be sitting on my shelf as we speak.

For those who don't know, this is a DooM clone that is breakfast themed (too bad that's not today's theme, else I would have picked Captain Novolin (or Captain Diabetes, you pick) for the SNES instead, which has a lot to be said about, starting with how it was never sold in stores, but given to diabetic kids by physicians to teach them how to manage their sugar levels and insulin dosage). Like I said, I haven't actually played it, but it looks pretty cool, and all of Doomguy's arsenal is in there as mods for the Zorcher, a special remote that pacifies breakfast aliens. Other than that, well it plays like DooM, but it's not like they were straight up reusing levels or anything, it's its own project. And there's no E1M1 theme in there, or anything close to that, which is really disappointing.

And that's about all I'll say about it, since that's all I know about it, and this challenge should be more about my knowledge of the game rather than me doing research on games to then talk about them. That by itself is kinda sad, because I used to collect these games as a kid. I'm pretty sure I had all of the cereal box games released in Quebec from 1995 onwards, but despite that, I must admit that Chex Quest is the King of the “genre”. RIP to the Tycoons and Age of Empires of the world.

Chex Quest is a PC exclusive. Today was kinda lame, I apologize!


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