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Default Re: Death Piano and RATO difficulty discussion

Kinda late, also a post coming from a boomer, but:

I think more players have been capable of getting a very good score on RATO over the past few years because of how much 4K VSRGs have focused on speed-oriented skillsets (jumpstream, streaming, etc.). Players today wouldn't have any difficulties reading most of the chart (barring the 48th burst 75% in) and certainly wouldn't have any difficulties hitting 98% of the chart.

This wasn't entirely the case in 2012-2013, where most top tier players had issues hitting patterns that required split jumptrilling in RATO. There was also the fact that practically every top-tier player at the time had RATO mindblocked. Half of the top 15 scores on RATO (Silly, Ziltoid, jakads, Elah, Shxfted, brendon, Legend, SoFast, Snaggles) are from players who didn't play RATO before attaining the scores that they attained and were from other rhythm game communities.

Death Piano, on the other hand, hasn't gotten much easier despite players being much faster today. You've already mentioned why: most of the hard sections in the chart "hone in on a very specific skillset". I think top players today are far more capable of hitting the chordgluts in Death Piano, but I think most top players would still find the 24th trill + 48th burst section and ending 32nd trill to be very hard to consistently AAA or low SDG. The difficult sections in Death Piano are also sections where you'd bleed 6-12+ goods if you mess up just once, whereas you wouldn't be as severely punished in RATO for similar mistakes (barring the aforementioned 48th burst). I don't think that isolation AAAs on certain sections mean much if your average performances on those sections are much worse.

I also agree with Dossar's skillset matching Death Piano extremely well; his wristjacking was well ahead of his time, he could nail the 32nd trill fairly consistently, and he didn't have much issue with the 24th trills + 48th bursts because he was very used to the FFR engine. Most players today might have the wristjack ability, but they typically lack either the ability to hit the 32nd trill consistently or they're not familiar enough with timing on the engine to nail the 24th trills + 48th bursts consistently.

I don't really have a strong opinion on whether Death Piano and RATO should be switched because I think they're two completely different charts (and I think someone can get a near-AAA on Death Piano while still getting 40s on RATO), but if difficulties are based mostly on how difficult for the community to AAA certain charts, then RATO should be switched with Death Piano. The average high D7 player today is far faster and would have far less difficulty with RATO than with DP.

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