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Default Re: Recommend me some 2020 albums halp

Day 794: We Will Always Love You by The Avalanches

You KNOW I had to hop on this one ASAP.

This sounds distinctly like Avalanches but is definitely WAYYYYYY less sample-based than their last two albums. Is this anywhere near as good as Since I Left You? That's really not fair, this should be judged on its own merits, because that's become one of my all-time favorite albums since I've seen them live three and a half years ago and has remained as such. FUCK COVID.

But anyways, this at 72ish minutes is something I would normally call overlong, but I found myself just sinking into the vibe and letting their usual kaleidoscopic magic work itself on me, and I honestly enjoyed every second of this as an almost cohesive piece.

I bet someone else here is going to listen to this and go like "you fucking idiot this shit sucks" well FUCK YOU MAN. EAT MY ASS. This isn't something I'm gonna listen to all the time, and picking out favorite cuts will be hard, but as a singular work this is extraordinary. Also having Denzel Curry feature is mad random but I'm not complaining at all. MGMT is a less bizarre feature, and I priorly only liked one song by these guys but now I like two! This writing has no structure. I am barely awake. All I know is this shit had the exact same effect on me as Loops of Infinity (A Rave Loveletter) but even stronger. Maybe my love of stuff like this, combined with these asinine ramblings, is indicative of my poor mental state.

Best Track: Born To Lose or Music Makes Me High or Take Care In Your Dreaming man IDK
Rating: 9/10
The above post has a 50% chance of being useless. Potentially. Maybe.

BEST AAAs: WANDERLUST, Pandora, Necropotence, Mourning The Lost, Eradication, Feldschlacht

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And if you have not recommended any albums yet, do so. Please. I have a goal to reach. Here.
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