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Default Re: Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] ~V2~

Since veteran status is not restricted to only three years and three billion grand total score, include this page or at least the graphic found there as veteran status now scales relative to grand total score.
Another resource you may want to include is the veteran calculator.

The veteran perks you have listed have been changed since then. The pm limit for recipients is now 100 instead of the 5 for non-veteran users. The inbox also expands from 500 to 5,000 as a veteran.

Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
Best strat: enjoy the game, play what you feel like when you feel like it. Don't think about what you are doing or why, enjoy the gameplay, the artistry behind the stepfile, and enjoy the music.

When the game isn't fun for you anymore, take a break. It's not a job, nobody here is professional and getting paid to play and force themselves to constantly improve... it's a game.

Originally Posted by Shashakiro View Post
Yeah, FFR is addicting...I don't think I'll get bored with this game unless I somehow become the best at it, which won't happen.

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