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Default Re: FFRMas 2020

Okay so for the yellow note challenge from what I can see looking at replay images and double checking replays it looks like only two were successful.

1st Hakulyte
2nd MarcusHawkins

Day 3 Miss/boo challenge

1st Matthia
2nd Ultimate Mike7
3rd Puzzler64

Synthlight Marathon

1st Hakulyte, CammyGoesRawr and Snupeh
2nd radioamor
3rd RadiantVibe

1s challenge

1st RadiantVibe
2nd radioamor
3rd Ultimate Mike7

These should be accurate but if anyone notices any mistakes just let me know. Going to hand out the credits for these now and for those who get tokens just drop those choices here for me and I'll unlock asap

Thanks again so much guys for being patient with me and playing through.

Oh and I'll do the drawing for the short song marathon tomorrow. Open to time suggestions, I'm not sure what everyone's schedule is. Do not have to be present to win but figure it's fun to get as many people in as possible.
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