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Default Re: 2015 September/October Set 3

Gradiant finished the primary judge task for September/October 2015 Set 3. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the September/October 2015 thread. This batch period is now complete.

[1.5/10] Live Forever {Farewell Disaster} (Nitrologyy)
- No permission
- Highly recommend looking at some guides for syncing before using sm editor to step, or download ddream studio so you can use the waveform to make sure you have a proper sync. As is, as soon as the first 4 jumps are out of the way, none of the notes in the rest of the file go with the song.
- Because of the major sync problem, it’s hard to fully give notes because certain steps are shifted off of the section they belong to but I can point out some general areas that need reworking once you have a proper sync:
- 57.203: Stepping only vocals here leaves section completely empty compared to rest of file. Could add a bit more notes to more prominent percussion
- 75.537: More 16ths notes than there needs to be, some of them don’t actually go to any sounds in the song
- 82.497 (And whenever this repeats in the song): There’s no sounds here that warrant 16th note streams, they are all ghost notes
- 107.595: Same thing as 57.203
- 126.419: Same thing as 75.537
- 128.576: The 3-repeating notes to guitar chords, the guitar chord actually plays 4 times in the song
- 135.733: One-hand trills are a bit awkward to play, espcially when there’s jumps simultaneously. The jumps also aren’t going to any prominent sounds in this section
- 138.184: Same as 57.203
- 177.007: Same thing as 82.497 but this time it’s with 24th streams rather than 16ths

[4.5/10] Paralysis {Terminal 11} (Mourningfall)
- Sync is perfect
- Enjoying the song, but it’s more because it’s a chill song. T-rogdor mentioned a copy-paste feel, and I can definitely see that; not sure if that’s what you did or not, but there’s no variation in the sounds going on minus what you’ve got the two long righthand trills going to. With the song being over 3 minutes that leads to a very bland and boring file.
- There’s also the issue of how overlayered the file is, and then further inconsistencies with your chosen layering. It seems like you stepped it like this to make the file a bit more exciting but it doesn’t play well. Just gonna grab a spot in the middle to show: Sounds like 106.200s and 107.650 don’t warrant hands compared to what you have hands to in the rest of the file, and then sounds like 103.250 and 103.850s are the same as what you have had hands to but these are singles. Aside from inconsistencies like this is the point that with how quiet the song is, there’s not much in the song in terms of emphasis that would warrant hands, so majority of the jumps/hands could be toned down.
- Spots like 45.250s (and more instances throughout), I can see what the 32nds are going to, but right after 32nds going to the more prominent clicky percussion, they feel off. Spots like this could probably better be done as just a single, maybe recolor it.
- The file has structure and there’s nothing wrong at all with the sync; but with how long and very repetitive the file is along with the heavy overlayering, can’t accept it. Could really use a cut due to the song, and the hands and jumps need to be toned down a lot.

[6/10] Shanghai Teahouse {S.S.H.} (FFR Pro 21 & Silvuh)
- 56.789 - 57.659: left-hand minitrill at the end of these 16ths could match PR better, feels weird to play
- 56.572: This jump should be a single while 56.354 should be a jump
- 60.267: Missing note
- 61.137 - 73.311: Quads are a bit excessive here due to the layering here also being unnecessarily heavy
- 81.898: Actually a single
- 95.920: cymbal crashes before this stepped as just jumps, so hand here not needed
- 107.006 - 144.615: Starting with this jumptrill that should be singles based on earlier layering and going through until the end of the solo, the jump usage gets extremely messy. The start of the solo was fine because you could tell jumps were going to snare hits, but then they start getting used for guitar notes about half the time along with snare hits getting ignored about half the time. Please go through this solo section again checking for jump usage, putting jumps like that while also using hands for percussion emphasis is extremely awkward to play for what’s going on in the song.
- 144.072: Sounds these 32nds are going to are way too faint, starting the jumptrill here would work better since it also then avoids having the on-hand 32nds immediately after the jump on the same hand
- 144.615: Quad too excessive
- 139.615: 24ths actually start here
- 139.724: I know the sounds are there in this solo, but those minijacks are extremely jarring and a huge difficulty spike, even with the 32nd streams beforehand. They could easily be removed and the difficulty would still be consistent with the rest of the solo section
- 144.072: Same as 144.072
- 162.441 & 163.311: if you’re going to put jumps to the faint guitar right at the very end of the file, these two spots for snare hits could also have jumps like you’ve previously done in the file

[7/10] The Basement Community {The Flashbulb} (Pizza69)
- Good sync, kinda wished the bpm changed in sections like 69.868s though to match the meter changes in the song
- 45.515s: Misrhythm here, sound is a quintuplet if written in musical notation (5 notes), not 24ths for the full beat. Jump at 45.692 also not warranted with current layering
- 49.750: I see what you’re doing here with the guitar bending up to final pitch, but the final pitch actually happens at - 49.868, so you’re stretching it longer than what’s going on
- 86.456: Same as 45.515
- 168.155: Single, not a jump
- 170.628 - end: Jumps in outro not warranted, no differentiation in guitar playing between what’s singles or jumps here
- Check your layering throughout the file for two things: inconsistent hands (you’ve been putting hands to cymbal crashes but there’s crashes places like 26.809 that don’t have hands and then sounds with no crashes like 59.456 that with your current layering should just be a jump), and inconsistent jumps (these mostly occur with your yellow jumps, like 110.456s. In this drum fill, sound jump at 111.250 goes to happens at more yellow notes than just here and at the jumptrill at 111.691. Another example would be 132.181s). Structure and patterning are fine though, plays really smooth, just the jump usage for the snare hits in the percussion isn’t consistent.
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