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Default Re: 2015 July/August Set 2

TC_Halogen finished the primary judge task for July/August 2015 Set 2. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the July/August 2015 thread. This batch period is now complete.

[0/10] Ashes to Ashes {UNKNOWN} (M0nkeyz)
- incomplete file (see:; notes to be provided upon request one the file is entirely completed or fixed to be a completed submission
Song artist not listed properly in SM file, which is grounds for rejection; ensure that proper metadata exists within the .sm file

[8/10] d e a t h p i a n o 'for four pianos' v2 {Xi} (hi19hi19)
- 13.328: I will forever make notes on people who accommodate for ascending scales as never-ending rolls aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
- 27.798/etc: while the 16ths do exist, the 12th notes are the prominent piano and it might be more sensible to create some light polyrhythms to give that slightly 'bouncier' feel
- 38.387: make the first note out of the trill the same as the trill to keep PR continuity
- 48.350: this particular mini-stream stands out to me because a lot of the notes are ambiguous to which piano are being followed as opposed to later instances (53.468 is ok)
- 68.821 to 77.291: don't agree with the piano playing 16ths to be followed, but the structure is sensible and has no errors
- 100.944: if you're going for harder piano chords, this one, among others: (106.062 [may be biproduct of layering], 108.709) should be removed
- 102.356: anchor to 3
- 118.591: anchor to 3
- 142.206: seems a bit erroneous; hard to discern the accent
- 145.735: see 48.350
- 152.441: check PR on chord as this one actually goes down
- that last trill is horribly hard to time lmfao
- solid chart; don't necessarily agree with the interpretation in spots but it does work

[7.5/10] Dragonsbane {Lorenguard} (hi19hi19)
- PR in intro could be improved a bit, particularly with string accenting and occasional lower guitar notes
- 92.563: snare being a triple is a bit glaring compared to the 8th before and after it which still have melodic components that could be leveraged in a way that keeps consistent layering
- 112.616: if 112.774 is a jump presumably for the lower guitar, then this one should be as well
- 145.932/(etc): jumps for snares
- 153.195: see 92.563
- 173.248: see 112.616
- 216.985: first two jumps could be realigned to better improve PR for the 12th notes
- 235.368: some slight patterning work can help improve PR from here to 237.304 (see:; same with 241.175
- 251.658: numerous snares with no jumps
- 317.304: add a grace note for the guitar note
- 331.307: remove jump, it stands out a bit strangely as there's numerous other snares
- 401.728: snares, etc
- 431.964: missing note for a tom hit here
- 436.464: given the attention to vocals, I feel like a single note should be placed here
- file's definitely done with the intent of being a bit more old-school with the classic, long index-friendly streaming
- stream patterns were a little dull after a while - this could be alleviated by keeping index-friendliness while manipulating patterns to still have some accenting power
- overall, not too bad but could use a bit more polishing.

[1/10] Pinkie Pie Loves Sugar {Foozogz} (manicpies898)
- follows submission guidelines, and therefore is ineligible for a 0 rating
- chart is unfortunately done using record mode, quantized to 24th notes and as a result, does not have a coherent structure or proper rhythms
- consider reading some guides on simfiling to actually make a chart for this!
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oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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