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Default Re: Queue/Batch Discussion Thread v3

Considering the genuine interest in how the batch is going, I've taken the time to gather the actual statistics on the high volume of files that have finished judgment since October 10/10/2015 (so around 10 months ago).

Files in the special batches:
- High FGO Special Batch Phase 1 (29)
- High FGO Special Batch Phase 2 (20)
- Official Tournament Batch (83)

Total from special batches: 132

More of the interest here is in the regular batches from the users though, because that's where the "year behind" comes in.

Files in the regular batches:
- September 2014 (67)* [finished 10/10/2015]
- November 2014 (40) [finished 3/5/2016]
- January 2015 (35) [finished 6/17/2016]
- March 2015 (15) [finished 7/25/2016]
- May 2015 (6) [not finished yet]

Total from regular batches: 163

Total from both special and regular batches: 295

This means that in a period of 10 months, i.e. less than a year, almost 300 files had judgments posted.

*For some historical context: The September 2014 Batch was finished October 10th, 2015. It also went by the old judgment system, which required three sets of notes for each set of ~20 files. I had lengthy discussions with Silvuh that spanned around a month for an improved judgment system -- eventually in 2016 when Silvuh retired from staff, psychoangel691 put in a tremendous amount of time and effort for an incredible turnaround with a new judgment system that we use now that is much simpler and faster (the current judgment system is a modification of the judgment system that I previously discussed with Silvuh).

Note that 132 files received judgments in the Special Batches. Due to both a focus on the special batches and the regular batches, the regular batches slowed down. 2015 was a rough year with the old judgment system (Resubmissions and SAP were a gigantic waste of time and have since then been removed) and there were problems with judge availability; Silvuh and I were placed in a batch situation that required lots of manual labor before the Batch Search Engine was created. There were also several other factors I don't want to get into, although basically there was a huge hiatus in which the batch fell behind.

May/June 2015 is almost done (there's one set left and Gradiant is finishing it up), and I'm planning July/August 2015. The shallow thing to do here is to say "but we're only at July/August 2015!" It not only ignores the large volume of special batch files that were judged, but also ignores the historical context of the tough batch situation that Silvuh and I got into when we became GMs. We're catching up and judged a large number of files -- it just doesn't seem like that when someone opens up the Batch Search Engine without the proper historical context and sees the regular July/August 2015 batch with no judgments.
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