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Default Re: 2015 March/April Set 2

gameboy42690 finished the primary judge task for March/April 2015 Set 2. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the March/April 2015 thread.

[6/10] A. Q. Children {t+pazolite} (mi40)
22.184: Ghost 16th
24.319: I can barely hear the 16ths you’re stepping here. It’s technically correct (although I would have gone from right to left since the song is going from a higher pitch to a lower one) but it’s completely drowned out by other sounds in the song. You could replace these 16ths with a set of 8th jumpgluts to go with the bass. Same thing again at 28.935, 33.550, etc.
46.589: Should be a single note.
47.396: How come there’s a jump at the beginning of this 16th roll but not the other ones?
48.665: If you’re going to start stepping the vocal samples with jumps, I’d recommend going back to 38.627 and start stepping those vocal samples with jumps as well.
50.281: Vocal sample should also be a jump.
51.435: Should be a single note.
53.396: Hands didn’t really make any sense.
53.512: Missing 16th triplet.
54.666: Jump for vocal sample.
55.127: Jump for vocal sample and bass kick.
55.589 & 55.819: More jumps for the vocal sample.
57.089: Long set of hands should be changed into an 8th jumpstream like what you did from 59.396 onward.
61.127: Should be a single note. Make the following 4th note a jump.
61.589: 8th note should be a jump.
70.820: Same as above.
73.185: Missing 16th note.
77.858, 82.474, etc.: Change these hands into jumps. If there’s a cymbal crash you can leave it as a hand, but everything else should just be a jump.
89.858, 91.012, 92.166: Why are these jumps? They should probably just be single notes.
94.127: Change this 8th jump to a single note.
98.743: Same as above.
100.589: Again here, change to a single note. (Look for a few more jumps that aren’t being stepped to a bass kick. You get the idea by this point, I know you can probably find the rest.)
118.935: 4th note should be a jump. You could potentially start the color notes here too instead of waiting until 119.050.
130.936: A quad felt like a weird way to end the file. Disappointing song cut too; the rest of the song could have been really fun!
In addition to everything I’ve mentioned, I think due to the way the song is cut the file feels very draggy and repetitive.

[0/10] Glass Lattice {UNKNOWN} (M0nkeyz)
Glass Lattice has been auto-rejected for being an incomplete file.

[5.5/10] Her Signals {UNKNOWN} (M0nkeyz)
8.241: This doesn’t sound quite like a 48th. I listened with the assist tick on and it sounds more like a 64th (although we’re talking a difference of 0.06 seconds so this probably won’t mean much after the file’s converted to FFR).
8.714: This note also sounds closer to a 64th than a 4th. Unlike 8.241 though, the difference here is much more noticeable.
9.825: Should be a 16th note, not a 12th.
13.936 & 16.603: I’m not sure where you’re getting 12th notes from. These are definitely supposed to be 16ths.
37.714: Missing jump for percussion.
39.325: If the intention was color note theory, you need to adjust the BPM so that the note is still on-beat. With the current syncing this should actually be a 4th note. (Personally I think stepping a 4th note jump is really all you need here.)
43.047: Missing jump for percussion.
46.047: Rather than step an 8th trill, a pattern like 4-2-3-1 would be more pitch relevant.
49.047: Break up this 8th jack to match the synth’s change in pitch.
50.214: Ghost 8th note.
50.873: Should be a jump for the bass kick.
54.380: Same as 49.047. This long anchor really isn’t necessary.
54.880: 8th jump should be turned into a single note. The 4th note after it should be a jump.
60.380: An 8th anchor would actually work well here.
65.047: Same as 49.047 again. I think this happens a few more times in the file, so be on the lookout for it.
82.047: The bass hits extremely hard here. Why not a hand or some color notes to acknowledge it?
91.880: Missing 8th note for the synth.
92.380: The vocal sample only repeats itself twice, not three times in a row. Switch 92.547 and 92.714 to a minijack on column 3 for better pitch relevancy.
97.214: Missing 8th note for the synth.
97.547: There’s something about the equivalent of a 24th burst playing here. The 64th flare you stepped is incorrect.
98.880: The mini jumpjack is technically correct, but given the difficulty of this file overall this might be a bit excessive.
102.380: There’s a couple of missing 8ths here.
107.880: Missing 8th.
111.547: 8th note should be a jump.
114.547: Missing 8th.
116.158: I can hear a 12th being played here.
119.880: Missing 8th.
124.880: Technically correct, but quite a difficulty spike given the rest of the file is much easier. I would tone down the patterns to be a little simpler, and change that one 24th note into a 16th.
132.172: This weird burst is inaccurate. There’s actually only two notes between this 32nd and the 4th note at 132.380. They’re a 48th note and a 192nd note, spaced out evenly between the 32nd and the 4th. The next few notes actually play at the same speed, so they’re not straight 16ths like what you stepped.
On top of all of the above notes, this file is extremely repetitive! The amount of copy & paste done here is huge! Even though some of your patterns are legitimately very enjoyable on their own, the fact that the same patterns are repeated over and over again makes the file get stale quickly. Look into making the patterns more varied.

[7/10] Progressive jikuu shoujo! Urashima Taroko-chan! {ARM feat. Momiji Yamamoto} (bmah)
12.391: 4th note could be stepped as a jump since all the previous vocals were stepped with jumps.
14.534: I can’t hear what this 16th jump is going to.
14.877: The minijacks in this jumpstream are pretty rude. They’re technically accurate, but not really that fun in my opinion. (Same thing for the second time this jumpstream happens at 61.763)
16.420: 16th jump doesn’t seem to go to anything.
34.506: How come the vocals sometimes weren’t stepped with jumps? I’m confused.
60.563: This 24th jumpstream was a little uncomfortable.
74.363: Burst transitions are a bit rough here, particularly the transition into the 24th stream.
82.506, 85.249, etc.: I’m not understanding these 8th jumps. If they’re intended for the vocals, all the vocals should be stepped with jumps. If not, I have no idea what these 8th jumps are going to.
92.106 & 92.449: No 8th jumps for the drum this time?
93.306 & 93.991: Missing 4th jumps for the bass kick.
97.420: Jump for the vocals breaks your current layering. Should be a single note, and the 8th notes before and after should be jumps.
98.791: Missing jump.
Pretty fun file but I think you should look into the layering issues I mentioned. 82.506 onward in particular have some weird layering inconsistencies.

[8/10] SpaceLand TOYBOX {OSTER project} (bmah)
2.020: The intro is technically correct, but at normal speed this sounds like it should be one continuous stream.
9.520: 8th note jump to go with the drum, maybe?
9.985: I can hear another bass kick on the 24th note here.
10.915: Same as 9.520. Given how incredibly peppy and upbeat this song is I think having those constant 8th note jumps could keep the file lively at times when you don’t have such dense layering.
13.096: Missing 16th, although stepping it would result in either a very uncomfortable minijack or a trill that doesn’t really fit the song.
15.247: I feel like with a few pattern adjustments you could probably squeeze in a 48th here.
21.555: Ideally I think this should be stepped with polyrhythms similar to 73.183, although 73.183 does have a slightly different pitch and feels just a little more climactic, so I think it works okay.
23.735: This 16th polyrhythm is kind of a jerk. I’d say change the 12th note at 23.880 to column 4 to avoid having a minijack.
28.183: Missing 4th note.
39.782: Missing 16th.
42.311: Missing 24th burst.
47.194: Missed a 24th burst, but I think just having the 16th for the piano is fine.
51.032, 53.822, 56.264, etc.: Not really understanding why you opted not to step these 8th notes.
60.276: Missing 4th note.
86.003: What exactly is this minijack going to?
96.090: Something tells me players are going to dump a bunch of goods here.
101.380: Aww, why didn’t you step the glissando at the end? Even if you only step a 3-note 48th burst it would be a lot better than not acknowledging the glissando at all.
The first half of this review is pretty nitpicky. Honestly I think the file is a ton of fun. While I’m not flagging this for conditional fixes I do really think you should take some of these notes into consideration.
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