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Default Re: Official Tournament 13.5

Originally Posted by Viisbyxa View Post
I really tried on Viden, because it's a neat song and I felt confident that I could do pretty well, but as usual the game messed with my head too much. It's really bewildering how that happens, with so much practice I still haven't gotten better than my first playthrough. And I was never in the same zip code as the top 6-12 people so, oh well. Probably not going to keep at it because I'm nearing the line of not getting frustrated at it that I set for this tournament, and starting a new job this week. GG GL HF and thanks to everyone keeping the game going.
That's exactly the problem I'm having! The first couple of playthroughs were great and I'm just getting worse.

Some songs just do that. It was Snorestop for me last tournament and I actually managed to finally improve it during the Self-Improvement tourney lol
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