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Default Re: New FFR Features ?

My problem with the argument, especially the one that points to other esports not having formal divisions (For competitive play they absolutely do, by having divisions bounded by your ELO and MMR and matching you against players of similar skill) is that we have a game where literally 100% of the playing of the game happens via this website, and 100% of "official" events are run by our team of staff.

There's nowhere else to HAVE tournaments to do seeding, and ranking and sorting so there can be a major event that only invites the top players, and other lower tier events where high tier players won't waste their time for lower ability players to shine and improve that are open to anybody etc.

That's also always been one of the biggest flaws of the prizing system which is what actually makes people sandbag, not the division system on its own necessarily.

You are rewarded dramatically better for finishing 1st in a division than finishing basically ANYWHERE other than near the top of the division above it, so you have a structural incentive to try and NOT move up until after you've been placed, which, combined with not moving anybody up -during- the event is what makes people not put effort into having their level actually reflective of their skill.
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