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Default Re: TWG 189: Funnygurl VS T-Force Rivalry GAME THREAD

Originally Posted by Chihiro Fujisaki View Post
I will be honest that it doesn't totally sit right with me, that in general you would think it is going to help you as a wolf to 180 on xel and focus on almost nothing else today. Because the focus reads to me as emotionally based, which would not be real if you are a wolf. How exactly I reconcile that with everything else I've felt about you in the game, I do not know. I have some level of temptation to just defer to inD's opinion of you.
I found my counterargument to this in my notes.

If Xel is town and DBP wolf, then DBP defending pushes on Xel as opportunistic due to Xel being gone is influenced by the extra info of knowing Xel is town, and it being easier to see. Flipping is then a response to sun fan calling DBP out on it being strange.

In the bad partner defense scenario, then DBP is so insecure about being called out on it that he is hyperfocusing it. I do not really feel like that is what is happening though.
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