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Default Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]

I want to nuke all of you aside from like
Kayla, Subaru and Antori
for how badly every single person has been playing

your reads are all based on nothing
your votes are not grounded
the time that almost all of you have been spending reading/solving is incredibly low

this was an easy fucking game
I had it yesterday
and you fucking donked out and lynched Xiz

whoever the n3 vig is /better fucking be a wolf/ because if you actually shot either of those people and you're town

then that manages to be a worse shot than Subaru's n2 shot

I can't believe that I am still alive in this hellish landscape and am forced to decide who the town is between the remaining players
its akin to torture at this point

reading some of your reads has upset me to the point that I am losing faith in humanity because
you just have to not be trying this game, Xel
you just have to not be reading or something

same to you, Lar
you should've seen my roleclaim immediately after the massclaim
you should've seen my point to you last phase about how the push has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR EMOTION

roundbox, when you asked me what you wanted me to do
it was make a decent lynch
you didn't ask me how strong my xiz read was; you asked me once about it, told me you disagreed with it, and then discarded my opinion
there is, in my mind, no way you should've thought Xiz was a better lynch than Lar given that situation

kayla, know that I have been happy when you've been here
I know that you're a busy woman right now
but I appreciate the work that you've put into the game when you've been here
please try to make a relevant vote today; you haven't really had one iirc and that needs to change if your alignment is going to win the game

subaru, I said this already, but don't feel bad about not knowing anything
its a hard game to pick up and I told you as much before you played your first game here
I can understand the shot and everything
I need you to start putting together a reads list, on your own, that doesn't involve other people's opinions (unless it is related to their role)
because if you don't
these morons are going to lynch you for "doing nothing"

I really wish you didn't vote for Xiz
I can forgive you since you got Cocoa and I know you're busy
but I wish you would've listened
game would be in a much better spot

can't fucking believe the wolves nightkilled you
thank you for getting jess into this game
I'm sorry I couldn't get there on you; maybe my read on you is dead after all
it was my fault

I miss you
I want to touch tips with our minds again
I am beyond envious of the fact that you died n1 and not me

try to catch a wolf with your power role next time, ok?
don't do that shit again; it fuckin' got you lynched and I needed therapy to get back to townreading you

try next time please

it is somewhat my fault for showing how /not/ to do something at AN
I should've talked more about that afterwords
I'm genuinely sorry
I'll finish Golden Sun soon

you need to do solving of your own too

I know I have addressed wolves in this
but I have addressed towns
please heed my words those of you whose alignment is the same as mine
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