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Default Re: Suspicious scores thread~

Originally Posted by who_cares973 View Post
people have their profiles closed for personal reasons. not everyone is trying to hide their shit for mischievous reasons, christ. a closed profile shouldnt even be anything suspicious ever <__>
This ^ Closing a profile doesn't hide anything but the profile, score's a simple to look at. Also Verterx Beta and Monstrous Turtles are stream, not JS. He's also not D3, he's D4 in my tournament.

Originally Posted by reuben_tate View Post
I'll bid a single erotic yet safe-for-work photo of me posing while wearing my Piplup hat while sucking on a blueberry lollipop with my mouth partially open so you can see the lollipop color to verify it's blueberryness.

Disclaimer: This photo is not guaranteed to cause pleasure.

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