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Default Re: Offset Discussion Thread

Can everyone here specify the files that they played? I'm getting different results. There may be variation across files.

Specifically this is what I got for offset data. I'm wondering what specific results were across different songs.


DJ Vasil: -1
Into a Dawn: 0
Seedy Try: -1
Seiran's Mad Hammer: -1
Time Bomb: -1
Time To Sleep: -1


A Dichroic Glass Snafu: 0
Air Trip #SF: 0
Chaotic White: 0
cold (Kurorak's Bootleg): 0
External Excavation: 0
G4M3 0V3R: 0
Major League Can Can: 0
Make The Fire Burn: 0
Pulse: 0
Try This: 0
Violet Rose: 0
where is my balls: 0


Agartha: -1
Crystalline White: 0
Dragonsbane: 0
Exothermic: -1
FrainBreeze: -2
i wanna fuck the moon: -1
Koi no Sakisaki Revolution desu yo: -2
My Catchy Lil Bassline: 0
Our Journey and Epilogue: 1
Scrambled Eggman: 0
Shades of Green: 0
sniffing stardust on the dancefloor: 0
Yellow Smile: 0
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oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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