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Default Re: Rejected Files Tournament

Originally Posted by The_IL_Guy View Post
How strict is the 10 forum posts requirement?
It's fairly strict. This for me is a show of good faith that you want to join in on this site's fun

The tournament doesn't start until January 12th, 2021, so just find some topics to post in 7 times in 3 months and you'll be golden <3

Also Goldstinger is correct in stating that all of these files will be played on a custom ffr engine, courtesy of Azlynn our game manager

Best AAAs:
CHOPRITE!!!! Cloud Nine, Reminders, Captain Murasas Ass Anchor, Ascii Art Core

Best Non AAAs:
Flounder (4-0-0-0) Full Mast (1-0-0-0)
Rottel-da-Station (1-0-0-0) Final Fantasy Last Battle Festival (11-0-0-0)

Mason - I play brutal and just hit random buttons
Goldstinger - Eat suck thankings lol
Squid Bits - booty isnt my only poor decision
Goldsting - no i'm not stepping rain / bro i'm not that trash

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