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Default Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness

At least i got the SDG, woop.

I wouldn't say i have an exact favorite (let alone for anything.) but i am a sucker for nostalgic songs, but if i had to pick a song on the spot it would definitely be Starman, not really based on the file itself but the song itself freaking bops for me! As soon as i started playing this song back in 07 and started collecting tokens, i listened to this song and wanted it super badly! Unfortunately at the time it was locked behind one of the hardest requirements which can now be cheesed with offsets but when i unlocked this about in 2010-11, i played this everyday just listening to the bop that is this song. Everytime i play this i always get a wave of nostalgia over me and even goosebumps because it's got that certain charm for it. Bonus points for the unintentional equiv number on this lol and played it 1-handed for the hell of it because that's probably how i would've played this as back in the day.
I'm the underdog so place your bets.

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