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Default Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness

I unfortunately thought I would have more time for this round, so I did not collect a score for my favorite stepfile.

Either way, there are many files that I really like. Of them all, I would have to pick Black as my favorite, primarily for my journey with it. This was one of the first songs that I actually recognized when I started playing almost three years ago. Homestuck might not have been as big a part of my life as other people's, but it was still a lovely webcomic, and this song was iconic. Playing it for the first time terrified me. I thought it was absolutely impossible, something I would never be able to play. Feeling my proficiency with it grow as I got better and better at the game was remarkable. Every time I had played it, it would feel less and less daunting. Now, I have a blackflag on it and am wondering how I ever thought it was impossible.
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