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Default Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness

Round 5

D1: Emotional Adventure
D2: Butterflies (Short Edit)
D3: Nintendon't
D4: Colibri
D6: Sayonara Cosmonaut
D7: _.Pulse
D8: Mishnu


I'll say it again. Your favorite songs from the previous round's sponcon were amazing! There was like, only one song that wasn't picked including my pick that was part of my eye-opening soundtrack from my good ol' High School days. I'll definitely say you all nailed it! Now to reward you with a very random Family Guy infomercial...but with a twist.

Bacon in a cup,
Bacon in a cup,
Bacon ehn uh cup!

That's right! In this sponcon you're going to play Put-Bacon (in a cup!) Your objective is to to literally have bacon strips land inside the cup (most of the time from the pan) to score a point. There is a very hefty learning curve to this though. Submit a score of 5 points or higher and you'll win 5,000 credits! The top 5 players will each win an additional 15,000 credits for a total of 20,000!

Oh and back to the picks. Name the song that wasn't picked by myself and other previous sponcon participants that I would have wanted to see picked. If you guess correctly, you win 20,000 credits! If you guess wrong, you have to wait until 5 different people post their picks in order for you to try again. Failure to follow this rule will DQ you from this sponcon. The hint should already be somewhere here, and don't ask for it. You won't need to post a score on your selection, just post your guess.

One last thing. Remember to post OS timestamps and proof of FFR login for the non-FFR sponcon. Haven't counted one without either of of these yet, and it won't start now.

This round will end on Friday, September 25th at 11:59 Server Time
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