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Default Re: Fast Fissure (Atomhead Remix) [81 or 83]

It took me very much grief to get AAA this song. If I'm remembering the chart correctly, the buildup to before this section is also pretty tricky/tiring for how constant the song is.

Starting at around 700 notes in the difficulty starts building, with the first set of major gluts at about 820-850 notes in, somewhere around there. Just over 900 notes in there's a [12] [13] [12] [13] glut that's preceded by some 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 anchor-style jacks before your first big set of 64ths near the end. There's a very awkward kinda color burst about 200 notes before dynam0's screenshot too. It's a pretty tech/jack heavy kinda file that I'm not sure there's quite a lot of in the 81 or 82 range.

This bastard right here broke my runs very many times and will make me play through it a bit for the framefix list, as a bit of an unrelated note

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