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Default Re: TWG CLXXVII-The Resident Evil Game(mini version)

Originally Posted by Curry and Rice View Post
Don't really think I've been overwhelmingly positive about roundbox so idk what you mean by that. I also notice that you seem to be singling me out for allegedly bringing up a lynch out of nowhere, but completely ignore how roundbox pretty much did the same thing with me (with a dash of OMGUS to boot), exemplified by this quote:
Originally Posted by roundbox View Post
as for hunting wolves

curry hasn't done much in terms of reads fluctuation or affirmation, his only real concern today was a few quips for night kills and a posting of a reads list which didn't really have any development over the course of the day nor did it really diverge with anything from a previous day
this wasn't out of nowhere, you just missed the post

Originally Posted by Curry and Rice View Post

Looking back, I think roundbox not voting to save FFA was because he thought that he would probably be lynched anyway the next day and didn't want it to be obvious that he was trying to save his partner. In light of the funny wagon and flip, he looks even worse from that, and his comments/reactions at the beginning of the day after that didn't help either (calling the game a "dumpster fire" and complaining about how the "game is proceeding in SK's favour" reads like venting after his partner died).
why would I not vote celery d1 to save my "partner"
you can check me on this, but historically my d0s go one of two paths:
1. I'm really confident in one person that nobody else gives even slight indication to
2. I have no idea what the hell I'm doing

(you can guess which one this game falls into)

Originally Posted by Curry and Rice View Post
If funny's a wolf, we know who to look at. Otherwise, I think this gives you slight human points. No way you'd want to stop the lead vote when there's a chance it could turn to you.
don't forget you made this read about me as well

also, I'm really confused why you're reading into the dumpster fire comment as alignment indicative
all the PRs were dying left and right

and yes, the last living wolf is going to openly communicate their frustration that an SK was gonna win the game
(no, not me)
Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post
I'd be too tiny to be a bouncer

watch my rad gameplay
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