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Default Re: TWG CLXXVII-The Resident Evil Game(mini version)

curry, you're being ridiculous. Here are the players I can suspect this game:

ind - Just kidding, he's the uncc'd vig

star - has had a pretty strong towny looking performance, I haven't had a problem with her posts and she's made some good points (including the one of your weird development of a scumread on me)

olimar - lolinactive (he's had some derpclear moments about 3rd party mechanics which he expressed openly to the thread)

celery - I liked his entrance back with manti and his harsh stance, but I want to say one of the only things pointing to him being scum is mechanics which leans him to being more 3rd party than anything else tbh (wolves wouldn't let celery do the kill unless he had to with raeko blocking and mw being disallowed)
I really need to read his posts

you - it's you for the reasons I've been stating


the gist of it is: I don't have many players to suspect
you're just the scummiest out of the bunch
this is completely independent of any case that you've brought against me
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