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Default Re: musical_vampire AMA~

You're playing poker with a tiger. You're holding As 7h and the flop is 9h 10h Ad. The tiger is evidently bored and is grooming itself excessively and chewing on its poker chips. It spits out 40% of its chip stack into the pot. You call for information, as you described in your other thread. The turn card is 3h and the tiger suddenly looks a lot more alert and stops trying to eat its poker chips, looks around, and slowly makes a very small bet of twice the minimum. Do you fold, call, raise, or run screaming?

If you discovered that all the members of Take That are actually really small in real life except for Howard who is 16 feet tall and uses mirrors to make him appear the same height as the rest of the band, what would your reaction be?

Do you plan to introduce ffr to your baby any time soon?

You wake up and there's an enormous pile of fresh avocados outside your front door. The pile is so enormous that you can't get out of the house. How many do you eat, and what do you do with the rest of them?

Theorem: If you have a large enough number of monkeys, and a large enough number of computer keyboards, one of them will sight-read AAA death piano on stealth. And the ffr community will forever worship it. Proof Example

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