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Default Re: How Does One Get Back Into FFR?

Originally Posted by kmay View Post
Heya Phynx!

I've tried to come back a few times, but it never stuck. Mostly because I would come back for the official tournaments and get destroyed. I'd definitely say come back for your own fun and nothing competitive

Oh yeah, I feel ya' there. Hell nah on the tournaments for now but I do find that I have a LOT more motivation when I'm vs. someone in multiplayer. I also am forced to finish a song instead of getting frustrated and backing out. I'll be heavy in MP for a while lol.

Edit - I forgot to say HEY! Lmao, so polite I am.

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post
One thing that i'll mention is that in individual song options, there's a way to save your offsets per song, and as someone who heavily relies on visual+audio lineup, I generally see offsets all over the place with different songs. a.k.a. I can confirm that there's large variance within the song list for offsets.

for global offset, I usually adjust by increments of .5, -.5 when notes are too late (too far down the screen when timing should be correct) and +.5 when notes are early (past receptors too far)

then after getting that visual lineup down, then I let the engine figure out the calculated judge offset and I set that.

Yeah so that per song offset is something I'm gonna have to figure out. My question is, are those custom offsets saved somewhere or like, if I logoff will I have to redo all of them? I'm curious how safe customizing offsets per song is for the long-term. Until I figure all that out, I've been dicking with the global offset for the time being.

Originally Posted by ULTIMEGA View Post
Patience. Lots and lots of patience.

And maybe a few cans of Monster energy. I don't know.

I'm an AMP energy guy. But all the same, my patience with myself is limited so I'm working on that lmao.
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