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Default Re: FFR Unofficial Tournament 2018 Feat. RamenBox [Get2.5thPlace

Originally Posted by reuben_tate View Post
Congratulations to the winners of the tournament below! I will be dealing with prize distributions tomorrow hopefully, so please hold tight!

1st: devonin
2nd: 1Kick234
3rd: timk

D2: (currently under tiebreaker for 1st)
1st or 2nd: Neko_Atsumaki
1st or 2nd: Solarlake
3rd: Araket

Due to multiple complaints, I am currently doing a bit of investigation. The official winners for D3 will be annouced after the investigation has concluded.

1st: dashoe93
2nd: CDCan
3rd: Twisue

1st: Deamerai
2nd: Andrew WCY
3rd: _Fluttershy_

1st: suicidaln00b
2nd: DarkZtar
3rd: V-Ormix

1st: 11brendon
2nd: TheToaphster
3rd: SoFast
1st, 2nd, 3rd PM me with your token selection from the following list
-The Wises Were Wrong
-Dendrite v2
-Coactive [Over My Shoulder Mix]
-Tell v3 (Extended Mix)
-Touhou Judgment in the Sixtieth Year
-The Bridgeport Run
-Bedtime Story

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