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Default Re: FFR Unofficial Tournament 2018 Feat. RamenBox [Get2.5thPlace

You guys have made it this far after 5 long and grueling weeks. This last week will be the most grueling, especially for some divisions, but hopefully your efforts will pay off in the end. In any case, I hope to at least see all of you at the finish line and I hope you've all enjoyed your journey thus far~

Round 6 ends Friday, Jan 11th, 9pm Server Time

Round 6

D0: Pollyanna (11)
D1: Emerald Hill (Metaljonus Mix) (35)
D2: =.The Ocean.= (56)
D3: Colorful Course (70)
D4: Amen Iraq (81)
D5: Milky Blue (90)
D6: Schmollbluk (98)

D5 File
Milky Blue is a purchased file. If you don't have enough credits to purchase the file, let me know and I'll give you the credits necessary to purchase it (with no expectation for the credits to be returned).

D7 File
Your file is a file that is on the ffrmania engine.

Ignore the song title in the dashboard page. Unfortunately, given the current tools I have to work with in regards to the dashboard, I can't put songs from alternate engines on there.

Since the dashboard can't keep track of your progress, in order to submit for this round, you must send in a proper screenshot. Instructions for a proper screenshot can be found in the tournament OP.

If you're unfamiliar with how to access the D7 file, follow these instructions:
-load up the R^3 engine
-go to Options -> Other Options
-Under "Engine Playlist", select "Add Engine"
-Copy/Paste the following URL into the "Engine URL" textbox:
-Under "Engine Playlist", select the newly loaded "FFRmania Engine"
-Close Options
-Now, under the "Play" tab should be the songs from the ffrmania Engine. You can use the search feature to find the file.

Late Scores/Extensions
At this point no more extensions will be given since this is the final round.

You can still submit late scores for Round 5 up until the end of Round 6 with the usual 5 goods penalty.

After the end of Round 6, no late scores (from any round) will be accepted.

Participation Prizes
Just as a friendly reminder, in order to be eligible for participation prizes, you must submit a score for every round. That includes this final round as well. As late scorse for Round 6 won't be accepted, be sure to get a score in before the week is up!

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