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Default Re: Suggestion: Replace 'FC' Bar

I think that having another flag to bridge the gap between FC and SDG is a good idea, because I have plenty of FCs that have abysmal accuracy, and plenty of FCs with better than 95% accuracy as well. To me, this makes the FC flag feel good the instant you get it, but it holds no special value to me outside of that.

So your post got me thinking...

What about replacing the SDG flag with LPG (low-percent goods) or AA? In my opinion, this would count as a 95% or 97.5% score. With this sort of flag, I could see some my best scores and they would actually have a more concise flag on them. Let me provide some examples with my top scores:

Maelstrom (98.3%)- no flag, I got an incredibly good AAA equiv, almost an SDG (11 raw I think?), but because it has no flag it's basically invisible to me.
Pimp Slap (96.1%) - FC flag, I got a really good AAA equiv but when I see it ingame it doesn't feel special.
Problematic (97.9%) - FC flag, again, it would like nicer with an AA tag because it shows that I actually got good accuracy instead of just plain old FC.

I hope I illustrated my point clearly enough so you can see it from my perspective!

I see from Velocity's comment that adding or replacing a flag would be incredibly difficult to do right now from a technical perspective, but it would definitely be very nice to have on the new site; getting SDGs is my current goal because they show me that I'm improving, better than an AAA or FC, in my opinion.

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