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Default Boys we need a new synonym for arbitrary ne1 feeling it or?

Originally Posted by TheSaxRunner05 View Post
Use the old way. The change from the long used pure point based combo driven ranks to raw was fair to some but I think the combo way was and still is niche. I think all the effort to change the system, in myriad way, promotes toxicity and oneupsmanship. Kudos to the coders. Your nerddom is fully justified and leet, but I love a nice critical perspective. There's nowhere to go from the bottom but up I always say.
And that's the thing about videogames and the people that play them. They're there with benchmarks, goals, and challenges to face but then the goals change and a new challenge occurs, sometimes clearing the scoreboard of your old accomplishment. The real pride comes in knowing that you've done a good job, which further exemplifies why the points (in emotional meta) make some and break others. A toxic behavior to those who are scrupulous and not nonrepentant douchazi.

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