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Default Re: Suggestion: Replace 'FC' Bar

Originally Posted by rushyrulz View Post
please god for the (pretty sure it's actually literal at this point) millionth time, remove whatever spaghetti is causing the "FC flag" to be overwritten. I'll give benefit of the doubt to the dev team and say it's a bug not a feature.
This. I imagine all one would need is to store a single bit (per file per player) to represent if that player fc'ed that file at some point. And then setting that bit to True when a player FC's a file.

I don't have access to FFR's codebase so maybe such a task is more difficult than I imagine it to be. One possible issue that I can maybe see is the amount of time it would take to set the correct value for the bit for all the current scores that people have...there's a lot of players and a lot of files.

I think in most SQLs, there's a bit type that supports three values: 0, 1, and null. It shouldn't be too difficult to create a new column with default value of null. Then, instead of updating the bit for everyone at once, perhaps it can be updated when one views there levelranks. If it ends up being a performance issue when one checks their levelranks, then perhaps there could be another bit (per player) that indicates whether the FC bit has been updated for their profile (so that the FC bit isn't unnecessarily updated every time someone visits their levelranks).

I can't imagine that an extra bit would take up too much space...if it does...then I guess I don't really have a solution lol.

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