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Default Re: Suggestion: Replace 'FC' Bar

The problem with raw scoring is that you could FC a Difficulty 100+ song with a score like 500-0-0-0 and it might not meet the 90% raw scoring requirement even if it's a clean FC.

Keep in mind that the reason why everyone loses their FCs is because the game only keeps in memory your best score on a song.

If there was a condition outside of the best score that would scan for plays to give you a FC permanently, that could work too.

Something along the lines of:

A) The song was fully played.
B) The song was played on 1.0 rate.
C) The miss count is 0.

You could even have a condition where the boo count is under X to make it qualify as a FC assuming we wanted standards over mashing.

It's also debatable if we want this to give you FCs instantly or in chunks by updating leaderboards/levelranks to not run queries as often, but that's getting technical.
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