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Default Re: Suggestion: Replace 'FC' Bar

I disagree with this suggestion completely. Going for FC's is a great goal for casual players and newcomers, because it is not too hard to achieve, thus giving them a way to feel good about their score and feel like they are improving. The raw benchmark score "pass" you want to replace it with doesn't sound ideal to me as a substitute either (if it were to be replaced).

FC'ing every song was the first goal I ever had in this game, (my first few years playing), which I had a lot of fun going for (I also wasn't aware of the combo based score system). It felt easy enough to eventually do and FC'ing a song was a nice personal achievement, having the green FC next to a song name felt good.

Just because combo scoring isn't a thing anymore, doesn't mean FC's are outdated, they still show your improvement in the game. FC's might not be big achievements in terms of getting better compared to everyone else, but this is a game about personal achievements, having fun, and improvement, so even if you aren't a good player going for top % scores as achievements, you can still go for FC's as your personal achievements and use it as a way to see improvement in yourself. If you do, however, want to get achievements that would be more impressive to other players, you have the ability to go for SDG's or AAA's as well.
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