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Default Suggestion: Replace 'FC' Bar

Passing a song in FFR is super easy for anyone with the bare basics of this game, and the profile progress bars emphasize AAA's, FC's, and Tier Points. People like using these bars as progress meters for getting better at the game.

Now that we're using raw scoring for everything, I often read complaints from the few newer players that happen to get on the forum that their FC was overwritten - giving them a sense they've lost progression even though it turns out they did even better than before.

Here's my proposal - set a raw score benchmark for every song, and if someone hits the target, call it a 'Clear' or a 'Pass.' Once achieved, they never have to worry about losing that bit of progress on their profile. Our days of combo based scoring are far behind us, and the FC bar seems outdated now.

My proposed benchmark raw score would be about 90% of the max raw score possible. I prefer this to a set number of raw goods because it balances better with song length. The benchmark itself is arbitrary and could be discussed, but I think it would work far better in our current raw scoring system than a FC bar.


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