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Default Re: Jan/Feb 2020 Set 1


[01:08.635] - added
[01:21.604] - listening to it slower, it sounds like the notes are accurate, but that its a 32nd later than it should. i.e. there is a note at 1:21.604 and not one at 1:21.708 i believe its actually the same for 2:17.956, meaning there is a ghost note at 2:18.600.
[01:25.198] - i'm going to trust you on this one. apparently i have a hard time hearing cymbals. listening to it now i still cant tell if a cymbal crash is or is not there.
[01:45.612] - huh, your right.
[02:04.153] - i just wrote this hole piece on why that not right. i listened to this section over and over again, and finally hear the quiet snare at 2:04.153. fixed.
[02:45.612] - i feel the notes are a bit backgroundy and gives a good break in the song for a more calm section. At 2:58.234 the section has to build up and i feel at that point it might get a bit too spaghetti and either the chart wouldn't properly build up or it would be too large of a difficulty spike.
[03:41.076] - the guitar is playing 16ths here. the first note of the guitar is a little delayed, so either i can have a note on the 4th or i can move the note to align with the guitar instead of the beat. here i feel it makes more sense to align it with the beat.
[03:43.212] - added
[04:52.270] - i once again curse my ability to accurately hear cymbals.
[04:56.853] - i once again curse my ability to accurately hear cymbals.

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