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Default Re: Rejected Files Tournament

Hey all, I know I've been absent for a good chunk of time and I'd like to apologize for disappearing.

I've recently experienced some personal stuff that I'd rather not get into at all.

Long story short, be big sad equals me ignoring things that I care about in order to cope. Not a good way to cope by any means, but I do try desperately to shorten the amount of time it takes for me to return to things I care about.

My current plans are to finish Mailbox Baseball, XJ-9's song, and then finishing the tournament.

I can understand anyone wanting to dip at this point, but my new goal is to have it up by the first of March.
At the very least I'll hopefully have a few more songs to choose from with judging returning to normal after January (new simfile submission deadline will be February 20th).

Again I'm so sorry that I'm like this, and I hope y'all can forgive me

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